Global Barbwires Audio Streaming
London UK & USA North America

Introduces Global Barbwires.Com

IP addr: Country: GeoIP Country Edition: US, United States
Free Players Below - /help is AKA

Click to direct connect to or use the player at


if DL happens, browser lacks LIVE STREAM ability, obtain an APP, like @XiiaLive for iOS or Android

We recommend using an APP like XiiaLive for phones & WinAMP for Desktop listening
or listening on players at BaRbWiReS.CoM

To add to any streaming player handling live streams

1. Within your player APP, either mobile or non-mobile
Barbwires Radio

The SITE above is the closest server & what an APP needs. Use ADD, often in a FAVORITES section with a PLUS + sign (ADD)

1.) ADD the FULL HTTP SITE including http://
2.) then save.
Use this example to see what to entere in most APPs
select LA1, LA2 or LA3 for the CITY part of NAME

NOTE: Direct LIVE streaming only. Listing services may find Barbwires, but will not play. Use direct URLs and avoid LISTER buffering and Ads.

If your browser asks to download, it cannot handle live streaming, and treats it as a playlist. It will download without end. Stop it, it only wastes bandwidth. Find and download one of the free apps like xiialive and others which can play an mp3 live stream.
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